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Build your own dream villa on the Costa Blanca South

Invest in your own dream villa on the Costa Blanca South, completely built according to your wishes. Make your choice from the wide range of beautifully located building plots on the Costa Blanca South that CoBla Vastgoed has selected for you. Work under the personal supervision of CoBla Vastgoed with our solid and reliable construction promoters to design and build your dream villa. A building plot with your own villa - and private pool - is already possible from 250 000 euros.


How can you have your own villa built in Spain?

As a private individual in Spain it is virtually impossible to buy a building plot, obtain a building permit and hire a construction company. 

Building promoters take building plots in portfolio, arrange planning permission for a basic plan and sell the project including realization. So you buy your building plot, including your villa, from a builder. You can compare this perfectly with the principle of 'key on the door' that we know in Belgium.


Dozens of building plots thanks to CoBla Realty

When you have found a suitable building plot, then within the building regulations for the specific plot, you have the basic plan modified to your liking. The building promoter will then apply for a permit amendment, after which the works can quickly begin.

Within a year of purchasing your building plot, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the building regulations. Within a year after the purchase of your building plot you can enjoy your own dream villa, completely designed and realized according to your wishes.


Rigorously selected quality projects

We know the real estate market in Spain - and more specifically the Costa Blanca South - inside out. We only deal with reliable developers who deliver architecturally strong new homes of excellent quality. Our selection criteria are extremely strict.

Thereby we check the new construction projects on site so that you are guaranteed value for your investment. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of current projects, we can perfectly assess which houses, apartments or villas meet your expectations and desires.


Purchase and build with bank guarantee and personal assistance

The entire purchase and construction process is always done with an official bank guarantee. This way you are 100% covered and you don't run any financial risk.

CoBla provides personal guidance. Marc Verkuringen not only helps you find a suitable building plot. He takes care of all further administrative obligations.

Till the completion of your property in Spain you can count on Marc as your personal advisor. Even after the delivery of your dream villa, he remains available for all possible questions.

Please contact him.

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